Omaswish Frequently Asked Questions

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Shipping policy

Our goal is to get all orders out as soon as possible. Please let us know if you need your order by a specific date.

We offer shipping within the Continental U.S.

Most orders ship within a couple business days. Custom Wish Wraps may take additional time. Please let us know if you need it by a certain date.

Returns and exchanges

Our goal is to make you happy with your purchase.

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Learn more about Wishboards

A Wishboard is 12 inches in diameter, 1/2 inch thick, and weighs 1 1/2 pounds.

The diameter of the hole is ¼ inch and accommodates standard birthday candles.

The Wishboard is a green-friendly, formaldehyde-free, pressed wood. It should not be put in the dishwasher.  It is 12 inches round and ½ inch thick. As always, caution should be used around open flames.  The Wish Wrap is a flexible window cling that be used multiple times with care.

As shown in the video, the Wish Wrap comes with pre-cut slits for all 104 holes.

As shown in the video, it's 1, 2, 3.

1. Place a single candle in the center hole of your Wish Board.

2. Gently peel and place your Wish Wrap over the center candle.

3. Align the printed triangle on your Wish Wrap with the notch in the outer circle of the Wish Board.

Then you're set! Place as many candles as you desire in the Wish Board.

The Wish Wrap does a great job at keeping your board clean and the wax flakes off easily.  If wax gets on the wooden board, a plastic spatula or credit card can be used to gently scrape it off.

No, do not ruin your beautiful cake! The cake should be kept aside the board to prevent it from being blown on.

Specifications for custom wraps

We accept .jpg/.jpeg or .png files.

No less than 2000px x 2000px. The rear-facing cameras of most modern smartphones can take photos that are large enough to be printed.

We accept images that are up to 10 mb.

It should meet the above requirements and also be able to fit into a circular frame without important parts of the image being cropped out.