A young smiling man is about to blow out his birthday candles in this image.

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About the Wish Board (Omaswish)

Blowing out candles on your birthday and making a wish is mandatory! After all, it is the tradition! 😊

Over 20 years ago, our grandmother, affectionately called Oma, never liked it when people spread their germs on their cakes as they blew out their birthday candles.  Hence, we made the first Wish Board to hold the candles to celebrate every birthday.  This became our safer, more hygienic family tradition.

Today, the Wish Board is here to make this possible for everyone celebrating birthdays with their loved ones.  To make it even more exciting, we have added a bit of color and personalization to it. Select from our festive range of Wish Boards and Wish Wraps to celebrate your special occasion!

Make a wish, blow out the candles, and let the party begin… but this time safer and healthier!

Headshot of Tim McGuire, creator of Wishboard.

Tim McGuire

Founder of Omaswish

This image shows a custom Wishwrap being peeled from its backing paper.
A young man is being handed a Wishboard full of birthday candles in this image.
This image shows a Wishboard on a table next to a cake that is being cut.
This image shows colorful Wishboards on a table.