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Don’t leave your birthday celebrations incomplete by not making a wish. But no more messy cakes, chewing on melted wax, or spreading germs: Wish Boards to the rescue! Here’s Wish Board to hold all your wish-granting candles together while you make the biggest wish ever. Blow strong, party hard, and stay safe. Choose from our vibrant range of colors to go with the ambiance of your party.
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“My family and I love the Wish Board.  We used it for my daughter’s birthday and all the kids thought it was so cool!  It is great quality and such an easy and fun way to celebrate.  The printed photo made the moment even more special and unique.  It’s a fantastic product!”

Alissa B., Fredonia, WI

“What a great invention!  The Wish Board allows people to have a memorable and personal celebration without the germs!”

Patty H., Lake Mills, WI

With Covid messing everything up, we needed to keep the family safe while enjoying our special occasion. With a Wish Board, we celebrated safe and it's now part of our families tradition.

Keith Cathcart, Raleigh, NC

I received the Wish Board as a gift and my family has enjoyed making it a part of our birthdays and other celebrations. No more breath or wax going onto our beautiful cakes. It's super easy to clean and then it’s ready for the next celebration!

Vicki L.

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This image shows a custom Wishwrap being peeled from its backing paper.
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A smiling young man is being handed a Wishboard with birthday candles in this image.